EasyMoor Mooring Buoy Hook Simplifies Tying up Your Boat!

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A cartoon showing a boater fumbling with a boat hook trying to tye up to a mooring buoy.

My friend Bill and I spent many happy hours sailing amongst the Gulf Islands off of Canada's western coast. Boating is a marvelous endeavour rich with adventure, excitement, danger and fun, and it tests ones character in many ways. One day Bill mentioned how aggravating tying up to mooring buoys can be and how often he had watched others struggle with what should be a routine task, usually with much yelling, frantic effort and go-arounds when first attempts failed.

We used the method most others do, with one person at the bow with boat hook in one hand and the mooring line in the other. The person on the bow yells instructions to the helmsman as they approach the buoy and when it comes into range a flurry of activity ensues, usually ending with the person on the bow laying down on the deck struggling to get the ring on the mooring buoy high enough to thread the mooring line through (those married folks reading this will have fond memories of the yelling and 'loving' looks from one spouse to the other when this maneuver is not going well).

The length and intensity of struggle is also affected by the weather, waves, physical condition of the crew, freeboard of the boat and many other factors.

There had to be a better way!

We searched for a product that would help with this, but what we found was that the available products were at best partial solutions based upon what we thought were important features (we couldn't help it - our business was in engineering - those of you familiar with engineers and designers are likely nodding your heads and smiling about now), and the quest for what became EasyMoor began. The first attempts at designing a solution quickly demonstrated that threading a line through a ring or around a fixed rod is a remarkably difficult thing to do simply and reliably. After 18 months of effort (after-hours and weekends) and many prototypes, we were pretty much convinced that a simple to use solution to this awkward problem was not to be had. Late on a Friday, on the verge of giving up after another failed attempt, a 'Eureka' moment hit (this sounds like a cliche, but it really happened that way) and the concept for what became EasyMoor was arrived at. Shortly thereafter a prototype was constructed and tested with great success - our product was born!

Hurray for us but why should you care?

You should care because boating is meant to be enjoyable and fumbling with boat hooks and mooring buoys detracts from that. Additionally, struggling with the hard way of picking up a mooring can be dangerous or even impossible for boaters with physical limitations.

EasyMoor takes the struggle out of picking up a mooring because we designed it with the following in mind:

  • Ease of use - because of waves, wind, boat speed, age or physical condition of the user, picking up a mooring can be tricky and frustrating;
  • Automatically reset - the device should not need to be latched, reset, or cocked so that the user gets more than one chance at picking up the mooring;
  • There should be no lines to pull, poles to detach, and no special maneuvers needed to make it work;
  • It should be easy to untie from the buoy without having to retrieve a shackle or hook;
  • It should be sized to handle the most commonly available rings on mooring buoys;
  • It should fit commonly available extension poles;
  • It should be durable and constructed from materials suitable for the marine environment;
  • It should require little maintenance.
  • Check out the videos of EasyMoor in action:

    A cartoon showing a boater having successfully passed a mooring line through the eye of a mooring buoy.
  • EasyMoor is definitely easy to use - Practical Sailor magazine tested EasyMoor and said that it was 'remarkably easy to use' and voted it co-best buy in their review of EasyMoor and similar products.
  • EasyMoor automatically resets itself because people trying to tie up boats are busy, and more than one attempt is often necessary.
  • EasyMoor has no lines to pull, no special stabbing motions to make and there is nothing to latch or cock or arm.
  • To untie from the mooring buoy, uncleat one end of the boat's mooring line and pull it through the ring on the buoy - nothing to retrieve from the buoy!
  • EasyMoor is sized to work on rings up to 5/8" in thickness and with an inside diameter of 1.75" or greater.
  • We make EasyMoor from injection moulded DuPont glass filled nylon, which gives it incredible strength and durability, the spring and fasteners are made of stainless steel for corrosion resistance.
  • An occasional rinse in freshwater is all the maintenance required.
  • The internal thread for attaching to extension poles is a 3/4" Acme thread which is far and away the most commonly available and should fit pretty much any exension pole available.
  • Here is how it works:

    A series of six images that show in steps how EasyMoor mooring buoy aid passe a mooring line through the eye of a mooring buoy.

    What do I get, how much is it and how do I order, you ask?

    What is included is an EasyMoor as you see it in the large picture at the beginning of this page with the attached messenger line, full instructions on how to tie the boats mooring line to it and some tips that we have learned from experience.

    We guarantee EasyMoor against breakage in normal use. Of the thousands sold we have had less than 1/4 of 1% returned and some of those cases were due to unusual circumstances. We will happily send a replacement if you do experience difficulties within one year of the date of purchase.

    If you would like to purchase one or more EasyMoors (they make great gifts for Father's day, Birthdays and Christmas) please go to our purchase page by clicking on the 'buy now' button below, which is done through the secure PayPal organization to ensure your privacy and security.

    EasyMoor costs $44.95 US and postage and handling for North America is $10.00 US.

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