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Prototypes, Jigs & Fixtures

-Product Prototypes -Assembly Jigs and Fixtures -Test Equipment -Measurement/Calibration Equipment


-2D CAD -3D Models -3D CAM

Short Run Manufacturing

-Machined Parts (CNC & Conventional) -Sheet Metal -Injection Moulded -3D Printed

Experience the experience!

25 Years of experience in projects ranging from control panel fabrication, downhole tool prototypes, electromechanical mechanisms and machines, pipeline pig calibration and set up tools and apparatus, chemical manufacturing production machinery, injection moulding tooling, vibration damping, data acquisitions systems - the list goes on and on. Have a look at our Gallery page for a very small sample of things we have worked on.


This is the home page of FCS Inc. an innovative company that provides Prototyping, Design Services and Short Run Manufacturing to clients in the Calgary Alberta area.
FCS Inc.